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Chef Profile

Head Chef Kalam talks about how he got into cooking great Indian food and who his foodie influences are. Story courtesy of The Menu Guide Plymouth.

What motivated you to become a chef?

AK: Cooking is in my genes. My grandfather and father were both involved in the industry for many years. They were both passionate chefs and i am too.

Who would you most like to work with?

AK: I'm a big fan of Ainsley Harriott who came to our restaurant recently and was very impressed with our food. I have always been a big fan of Ready Steady Cook.

Tell us about your current menu?

AK: My menu has been created using my own personal recipes. We offer highly unique dishes like Kalam Karishma and Kalam's Delight, which is a sweet, hot and sour dish. These special dishes are very popular with our customers.

Which dish on the menu would you recommend to a customer?

AK: If they like a mild dish it would be the Mirpurie Patice. If they prefer a medium dish, i would recommend the Baharie Special or the Jogonathour Special. For anyone who is new to Indian cooking i would recommend the Kalam Karishma or the Zul Zula.


Which chef has been your greatest inspiration?


AK: It would have to be Gordon Ramsay for being not only a fantastic chef, but also such a great businessman. I love the way he runs his restaurants, I really like his dedication and being a perfectionist - two things i strive to do with my business.

Tel: 01752 262948 / 226791 Mobile: 07956 322390

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